Why Wear 2 Hearing Aids?

Treating hearing loss and finding out that you need hearing aids might move you to wonder why you need two hearing aids. One of the most common questions about hearing loss treatment is if two hearing aids are better than one and why this is the case. The short answer is that often, people have some degree of hearing loss in both ears so two hearing aids are recommended to best meet the hearing needs of each ear which will ultimately allow you to hear better.

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Why two hearing aids?

Two hearing aids are often recommended to effectively treat hearing loss for a few important reasons. First, it is useful to know more about how hearing aids work. Hearing aids are electronic devices that absorb, amplify, and process speech as well as sound. This provides the ears and brain with significant support that alleviates hearing loss symptoms and maximizes hearing capacity. Two hearing aids working to detect and process sound provides the brain with greater support than one device.

Two hearing aids better support how the brain naturally hears. Known as binaural hearing, both ears provide auditory information to the brain. The brain is then able to process this information and better understand what you are hearing. Bilateral hearing loss which describes having some degree of impaired hearing in each ear is more common than experiencing hearing loss in just one ear (known as unilateral hearing loss). Both ears can have a similar degree of hearing loss or different – one ear can experience mild hearing loss while the other experiences severe impaired hearing. Two hearing aids allow each ear to receive support with detecting and processing sound waves. Each hearing aid is able to be programmed with specific settings that process sound in ways that meet the wearer’s hearing needs. This then provides the brain with more auditory input, making it easier to hear.

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Benefits of Two Hearing Aids

There are major benefits of two hearing aids that contribute to greater hearing health and wellness. Each hearing aid is adjusted to meet the specific needs of each ear, offering an individualized treatment plan that is tailored to fully support the wearer’s hearing in all settings. With two hearing aids, the brain receives more information which makes it easier to process and understand the sound you are hearing. This allows people to better navigate communication, activities, and daily life with greater ease.

Extensive research highlights the benefits of two hearing aids which include:

  • Greater speech recognition: Two hearing aids absorb and process more sound and speech which provides the brain with more auditory information. This helps the brain pick out important signals (like voices) which contribute to greater speech recognition and processing.
  • Better sound quality: Two hearing aids can share data back and forth rather than one hearing aid. This means there is greater effort and resources dedicated to absorbing and processing sound which helps with delivering sharper sound quality.
  • Enhanced sound localization: Two hearing aids allow both ears to participate in processing sound and sending the brain auditory information. This allows the brain to know more about where and which direct sound is coming from, known as sound localization.
  • Safer listening: Having the support of two hearing aids and both ears allows people to set the volume at lower levels. Sound signals coming from both ears help deliver this information with greater amplification to the brain. This prevents wearers from having to increase volume settings on one device which supports people listening across all environments with greater safety.
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Two hearing aids create a dynamic hearing experience in everyday situations. Two devices allow people to hear much more easily, which is especially useful in tougher listening settings like noisy environments, with sound arriving in all directions. This strengthens communication and enriches social interactions.  People are better able to hear and communicate allowing them to be more present and engaged. These benefits also improve relationships as people have greater capacity to spend quality time and share daily activities with greater comfort and support.

The range of benefits of two hearing aids highlight that not only is hearing health improved, but overall health and wellness.

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