Phonak TV Connector

One of the most common complaints of people with hearing loss is that watching TV becomes more difficult. It becomes necessary to turn the volume up higher on the television, which can distort the audio and make it even more difficult to understand. When watching with other people in the room who don’t have the same degree of hearing loss, it can be difficult to arrive together at a comfortable listening volume. One person is uncomfortable because the audio is too loud for them, or the other person has to struggle to hear what’s happening and only catches every second or third word of dialogue, which isn’t enough to keep up with what’s happening.

Many people with hearing impairment use closed-captioned subtitles or streaming headsets, such as those designed by Sennheiser. Streaming headsets, however, require that most common types of hearing aids be removed, and they don’t present audio with the tuning created for a person’s specific hearing loss profile. Closed-captioning is essential for those with profound hearing loss, but can take some adjustment to get used to and can be distracting.

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You can think of the Phonak TV Connector as a kind of Bluetooth streaming device for the television, but using a different dedicated frequency. What this means is that you can stream the sound of the TV directly to your Phonak Paradise, Marvel, or Audeo B-Direct hearing aids, with clean, crisp sound. The Phonak TV Connector allows the streaming of the TV directly to Phonak hearing aids while also passing through the digital processing inside your hearing aids, amplifying different frequencies of sound according to your specific tuning parameters and allowing you to hear everything more clearly, and with better balance. The result, as mentioned earlier, is crisp, clear sound.

When others are present, the TV volume is first set to meet the requirements of the others in the room, then the volume of the TV Connector is independently adjusted (upon first use only) to meet the requirements of the hearing aid user. The TV Connector will then stream audio to any number of Phonak hearing aids within its 15-meter range, also allowing each person to individually adjust the volume on their hearing aids. If you are watching TV alone, you even have the possibility of setting the TV volume to "mute" and to still stream the TV sound to your hearing aids for a perfect sound quality at the perfect volume for you!

When you have an incoming call on your cell phone, the cell phone Bluetooth has priority and the phone will ring, interrupting the TV. Once the phone call ends, the TV is again streamed into the hearing aids. This makes the TV Connector a simple way to greatly improve the sound quality of your entertainment audio without isolating you from your communication devices, like normal headphones do. The TV Connector is by far the most popular accessory sold by Phonak and Silver Audition, and it is not unusual for a person to buy one for each TV in the house, or one for the main home and one for the chalet!

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The TV Connector is not limited to TVs. It can be plugged into any electronic device which has an audio output, including home cinemas, radios, stereo systems, computers, etc. Phonak hearing aids are renowned for their exceptional audio quality, and the TV Connector is one more way to get the most out of your hearing aids and give yourself the gift of enjoying the best audio quality in any situation. Music enthusiasts are able to use the TV Connector to stream music with the appropriate settings created at their hearing test, restoring the relationship of instruments across the frequency spectrum and allowing music to be enjoyed as intended.

The TV Connector is for sale on our website (Shop page), or simply call us for a free trial. It's super simple to set up. We can also ship you the TV Connector free of charge for next-day delivery and you can try it out in your home free-of-charge before you purchase it. We’re sure that you, like many others, will find the TV Connector to be an indispensable accessory for the full enjoyment of entertainment audio with your Phonak hearing aids!