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Your hearing journey starts here

The first step in your journey is understanding the importance of hearing well and how hearing loss can affect your life.

Hearing health is about so much more than your ears—it can affect your social-emotional, cognitive, and physical well-being. Growing evidence shows that not only are these three dimensions connected, but that hearing rehabilitation can provide benefits to your overall well-being. Which is why prioritizing your hearing health and treatment can impact your quality of life and connection with the world.

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Hearing is key to communication with others

Many people underestimate the impact of hearing loss, thinking of it as just a sensory problem. In reality, hearing loss can have a fundamental impact on communicating with others and connecting to them, which is why hearing is vital to overall health and it's crucial to take action to protect your well-being.

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Telltale signs of hearing loss

Hearing usually deteriorates slowly and gradually, which is why many people have the feeling that they can still hear fairly well for a long time. The situations in which you hear, but no longer understand correctly, gradually accumulate, for example in a restaurant when the level of noise around you is high.

Have you ever noticed yourself answering "yes" or nodding even though you didn't really understand the person you were talking to? Or have you stopped going to restaurants for fear of not understanding the people around the table. How often do you ask people to repeat themselves? Do you put the TV on so loud that it disturbs people in the next room? Or do you have problems following meetings at work? These are the signs of hearing loss and they have already started to take a toll of your quality of life.

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Hear better to live better

With a hearing test you can quickly find out whether you still hear well enough. And if there really is a hearing problem, it pays to act quickly. Various studies show that the earlier you decide on a hearing aid, the better the hearing quality that you can achieve again. And good hearing - even with a hearing aid - brings numerous other benefits: a more active social life, healthier aging and, more generally, a better quality of life. Who wouldn’t want a better quality of life?

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