Phonak Lyric

Lyric is placed in the ear canal, very close to the eardrum, by a trained professional, making it 100% invisible. With its exclusive extended wear technology, long battery life and moisture protection, Lyric delivers exceptional sound quality in many hearing environments, in the shower, on the golf course, in the meeting room, and that invisibly, all day long and day and night for several months at a time.

When the built-in Lyric battery is completely discharged after a few months, a new device is inserted in the ear canal, and the discharged Lyric device is discarded, similar to the concept of disposable contact lenses. After initial Lyric insertion by our staff, you will be trained to replace the Lyric hearing aids by yourself, giving you greater autonomy.

Lyric hearing aids can also help you manage your tinnitus. Although there is no cure for tinnitus, comparative studies show that Lyric hearing aids can reduce tinnitus annoyance faster than daily wear hearing aids since they are worn all day long including overnight, and they can also improve sleep quality.

Please note that Lyric hearing aids are sold as an annual subscription.

The Invisible Hearing Aid



  • Clear and natural sound
  • 100% invisible
  • 24-hour hearing for several months in a row
  • No daily handling and no batteries to change
  • Replaced every few months
  • Reduces tinnitus annoyance faster than daily wear hearing aids
  • Sold as an annual subscription

Prices CHF

  • 2x Lyric subscriptions:  4200 per year

A single subscription costs half the above price. Subject to changes from Phonak.

A 30-day trial can change your life!

Before purchasing a Lyric subscription, you are encouraged to test it for several weeks. The trial period for Lyric devices is 30 days.

Lyric uses the natural anatomy of the ear to amplify sound and provide you with a natural and full hearing experience. Thousands of people around the world wear Lyric today. So come try Lyric and see how it can change your life too!