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To hear is to participate

Hearing and understanding are the lifeblood of the world around you. They allow you to communicate and interact with others. It is also a source of fun and information. Sense of hearing is often taken for granted, but its gradual impairment can impact your ability to participate actively in life.

A voice can be very moving and convey ideas, emotions and feelings. Each word spoken, composed of sounds and timbres, sources of understanding, allows us to establish and maintain human relationships.

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Difficulty understanding speech in noisy places?

Do you recognize yourself in these situations?

  • I hear but I don't understand, especially in noisy areas.
  • She does not speak clearly enough. She is mumbling her words.
  • I often confuse similar words.
  • I often pretend to understand when I don’t.
  • Understanding in restaurants is so difficult that I just don't go anymore.

When voices become less clear

Hearing loss can gradually set in, without you even noticing it at first. Some sounds remain audible, while others weaken and become difficult to hear. Communication then becomes more and more difficult and requires greater effort.

It is usually the higher pitched sounds that are the most difficult to hear and understand. High-pitched consonants, such as S, F, CH, and T play a crucial role in our ability to clearly understand speech. This is why people with hearing loss often say, "I hear but I don't understand."

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Take control of your hearing and your well-being

While hearing loss can seem overwhelming, you can feel assured that there are solutions available to improve speech understanding. Regardless of hearing ability or age, Phonak’s advanced technology is designed to get you or your loved ones back to living life to the fullest.

Start your hearing journey now

The following pages describe your hearing journey in chronological order, from the first moment that you suspect hearing loss to the time you are ready to choosing and try new hearing aids for the first time.

TTake control of your hearing and start your hearing journey now. Read on to find out more on how hearing aids can set you free so you can make the best out of life.

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