Getting Used to Your New Hearing Aids

Sounds may sound too loud at first

When you first start wearing your hearing aids, some sounds might seem too loud which can be a little overwhelming. As you adjust and establish healthy habits with your hearing aids, your brain will re-learn which sounds to focus on and which to turn down.

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Stay positive and be patient

Although you’ll immediately notice the impact your hearing aids will have on your hearing, it typically takes a few months to fully adapt. At times it may feel tiring, but patience and a positive attitude are key to achieving your goal to hear and understand better.

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Adjust the volume

When you switch on your hearing aids, they’ll automatically adjust to the appropriate volume. Depending on your hearing aid model and how your hearing care professional has set up the hearing aids, you can also adjust the volume yourself. You can do this by using a button on the hearing aids or with the myPhonak app, but remember, not to make it too loud, because it likely won’t help make sounds clearer.

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Actively participate in conversations

It’s common to experience situations where it’s difficult to follow a conversation, especially if a lot of people are talking at once. When this happens, move closer to the person you would like to hear and focus on them. With time and practice you can feel more confident and comfortable. Hearing solutions like a Roger™ wireless microphone can also help reduce background noise and transmit speech directly to your hearing devices.

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Sit in the front in public places

For many people with hearing loss, places like theatres, places of worship, and conference halls can be challenging listening situations. Ideally, you should find a seat located in the front and center of the room where acoustics are clearest, and you can see the speaker’s face. Some public places now have technical equipment to make hearing and understanding easier, so it can be helpful to ask if they have devices that can connect to telecoil within your hearing aids.

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Focus on a television program

When you’re enjoying a TV show or the radio, it can be challenging to understand each word. Just try to focus on the overall context and consider using an additional listening device like the TV Connector or Roger™ wireless microphone to help give your hearing aids a boost.

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Try taking a hands-free phone call

There are many ways to improve your experience on the phone, like wearing Phonak Lumity and Phonak Paradise hearing aids that enable hands-free calls and directly stream audio content from iOS®, Android™, or other Bluetooth® enabled devices. You can answer or decline calls with a button, even if your phone is across the room and conveniently direct phone notifications to your hearing aids.

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