Sennheiser Conversation Clear Plus

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The Hearing Assistant

Easy-to-use wireless earbuds with speech enhancement for easier listening in noisy environments and for crystal-clear phone calls and television sound.  Also sold under the name Conc400.

Main Features

  • Understand people better in noisy environments, distant conversations and phone calls, thanks to advanced speech enhancement technology.
  • Choose to block out background noise or let your surroundings in.
  • Simple setup and support via the "Conversation Clear" app on your smartphone.
  • Hear speakers clearly and distinctly during phone conversations.
  • Use for 9 hours plus 18 hours on-the-go charging via the case.
  • The Phonak TV Connector, sold separately for CHF 180, can stream the sound of the television directly into your Sennheiser devices for high quality TV listening.
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Universal Connectivity

  • Universal connectivity to most smartphones and televisions
  • Multiple Bluetooth connections possible
  • "Tap Control" for easy access to Bluetooth capabilities
  • Smartphone app to control volume and settings

Price and contents

  • CHF 880 TTC
  • Price includes a pair of earbuds, silicone ear adapter set (S,M,L), silicone ear fin set (S,M,L), charging case and USB-C cable, and user manual.
  • Guaranteed for 2 years in Switzerland

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